Follow the Billabong NZ boys surf up a storm in Asia: Watch their 'Konichiwaves' clip

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Japan (kinda) meets Billabong New Zealand in the awesome surf video, Konichiwaves, directed by Cam Neate.

New Zealand born surfer, Keone Campbell, and his fellow Kiwi wave lovers, Dune Kennings, Buck Woods and Sean Kettle, took business to Japan, ended up in Indonesia, and filmed it all in the short clip, Konichiwaves.

Konichiwaves came about after a loose discussion about finding waves in Japan slowly started to become a reality. As things evolved, the boys decided to keep the trip casual by avoiding making too many plans, or having too many expectations, in an attempt to get back to the true essence of travel.

That way of thinking really came in handy, because to get an ocean worth surfing in Japan, you need typhoon swells. The swells were in abundance a week before the arrival of the team, but as the trip got closer, no new typhoon action was showing – hence no surf. However, what they did see was two swells storming towards Indonesia. After a quick chat, the mission was readjusted and flights were booked.

Konichiwaves features some incredible surfing and also showcases the culture in both Japan and Indonesia through the people, the cities and, of course, the coastlines.

Check out the video below...

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Words by Isabelle Truman and photography by Rambo Estrada.