Flying to Hawaii just got EXTRA comfortable

Let's be honest, unless you're ski-bunnying in the snow, winter sucks. We're cold, our skin has lost its summer glow, and even the romantic rain-on-the-roof sound is getting old. But, it just takes one flight to hit the beach with a cocktail in hand - and Hawaiian Airlines has just expanded their Extra Comfort offering to make the winter escape even more worth it! That sits extra comfortably with us! 

Hawaiian Airlines first introduced Extra Comfort, an add-on to the Economy class, with 40 exclusive seats in 2014. Turned out, everyone wanted to be extra comfortable for the long trip, so now 68 seats are up for grabs on each flight! Extra Comfort boasts a whopping 36 inch seat pitch (so much room for activities!) priority boarding at the flight gate, complimentary on demand in-seat entertainment AND a personal power outlet! What a dream - you can play candy crush to your heart's content while stretching your legs to bring your tip-top hula game as soon as you land! 

Hawaiian Airlines fly non-stop Auckland to Honolulu 3 times a week, and it goes without saying they provide an awesome travel experience, with their exceptional mea ho'okipa (I am host) hospitality and their standard 2x32kg (!!!) free checked baggage allowance per person. This add-on is just one 'extra' reason to get on board! We'll certainly be booking our next trip with these guys so we can arrive extra comfortable and extra alo-happy!

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