Five reasons you should ditch your boring yoga mat

Yoga mats are not only a crucial element in mastering the art of yoga, they are also a representation of personality and taste. From beginners to seasoned pros, there’s no denying that looking good while working out matters. MAD Yoga have just released their new travel mats, just in time for Christmas. These babies are 50% lighter than standard yoga mats, but their new lightweight feel will have you wishing you’d been using it for years and replace your old one immediately.

1. The MAD yoga mat is made up of both a yoga mat and a towel, meaning there’s no need to double up with both, especially if they’re taking up room in the car.

2. This year, ethical is the new black. It seems that everyone is turning towards good ethical practices or materials in an endeavour for positive change. These clever mats are part of this movement, thanks to the use of biodegradable microfiber suede in its upper.

3. Thanks to quality manufacturing, this suede doesn’t wear down on the corners, keeping your mat looking pristine for longer. A mat that lasts longer than your yoga concession card? Heck yes.

4. Post yoga class, the lazy among us just want to head off home and chill. Only the dedicated can be bothered with cleaning down their yoga mat. Thankfully, MAD Yoga mats are machine washable, meaning you can pop them in the machine before you settle in with an episode of Suits.

5. Showcase your free-spirited personality with any one of the bold prints and colours available. Little chance of you mixing your mat up with Susan’s at Wednesday night Bikram.

Just in time for your next summer getaway, Remix have two MAD Yoga travel mats to giveaway, valued at $69.95 each. Head to our Facebook page for details on how to enter. 


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