Everything you need to know about ‘March Unfiltered’ 2022 by Bodyright

In a world where social media seems to reign supreme, along with its many forms, filters and consequential followers, it’s no surprise that our body confidence as a generation is at a steady decline. 

Currently, 90% of young women report using a filter and editing their photos before posting them. Snapchat dysmorphia is on the rise driving an obsession with perceived flaws in people’s faces and bodies. In 2019, Instagram and Facebook’s own internal study found that social media platforms worsen body image issues for one out of three girls. This constantly confrontational exposure to highly altered and unrealistic imagery has caused many to compare themselves to unachievable standards of beauty, and the results are not pretty. 

However, while all might seem like doom and gloom in the new age of social media-induced dysmorphia, there’s an easy fix to this global crisis. Exposing people to un-altered, natural, diverse and real imagery will promote a shift in standards, making people feel more comfortable in their own skin. Encouraging the sharing of real and raw photos allows a change in the representation narrative. 

This simple solution to obliterate high beauty standards is a tricky task to commence, especially on a global scale, but this is the drive behind Bodyright’s new campaign. 

‘March Unfiltered’ is a week-long initiative between 28th March - 3rd April to encourage people to post unedited, unfiltered, real photos of themselves on social platforms. By tagging #NoBodyIsWrong and #MarchUnfiltered on your unretouched photos, you’ll be joining a community of real people making real change, one photo at a time. 

The first copyright for the human body, Bodyright is free for anyone, anywhere to use. Existing to raise awareness around the unrealistic expectations placed on us by social media, the brand encourages people, brands and media to share natural imagery to keep things real. It’s not about limiting the artistic editing of an image, but rather protecting the representation of the human body and creating a safe space for all. 

Join the movement and promote realness on the very platform that disguises it. There’s no better time to show your authentic self to the world, for beauty doesn’t need to be defined by editing and apps, but only felt through the journey of being unashamedly yourself. Use social media for good and spread some self-love this coming ‘March Unfiltered’.