Cocktails that don't give you a hangover

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There's no denying that when summer rolls around coconut water is all the craze. And you'll be pleased to know that you don't have to fly to the tropics to get your hands on the world's best tasting batch because it's right here on our New World supermarket shelves. Founded by two Kiwi entrepreneurs during their travels in Thailand, CoAqua uses the youngest, greenest coconuts to produce a refreshing natural sweet goodness.  

While this popular drink is healthy and hydrating alone or in smoothies, did we mention that it also tastes top notch in cocktails or as a mixer? The 6-packs of CoAqua are the perfect serving size per cocktail. And here's the best part - CoAqua can help you both during the night and the morning after. Add a dash of vodka, frozen watermelon, chilled CoAqua, and a little mint into a blender to whisk up a delicious frozen daiquiri to start the night, and be sure to leave some chilling in the fridge to help cure that morning hangover. Future you will be thankful!

So whether you're looking for a delicious alcoholic bevvy mixer or a post-gym hydration boost, CoAqua will be your best friend throughout these summer days and evenings. 

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