The Coachella 2016 line-up & a few tips on getting your way there

Deep regret has suddenly set in because back in May last year, you slept an hour too long and tickets to one of the biggest festivals on the globe, Coachella, sold out within minutes. I see you there friend, brainstorming of just how exactly you can hustle your way in. Selling a limb? Could do. Tattooing the lineup poster on your behind? That’d work. Selling a story to trashy American magazines that Axl Rose and Slash aren’t talking AGAIN and using the money to bribe your way there? Don’t see why not. The possibilities are endless. To refrain you (and us) from thinking of many more possibly highly illegal ways to get there, without further ado: the Coachella 2016 line-up. CX7rpTHUsAEfZib Words by Claire Blakely