Aunt Betty takes us back in time to bake the perfect Lamington

“A pudding a day keeps the Doctor away”. Is that how the saying goes? Well, that’s what Aunt Betty would say. Lamingtons have been a long-time staple in the Kiwi diet, and this nostalgic dessert continues to hold a special place in our hearts. We can’t think of anyone better suited to the job than Aunt Betty to ensure that this Kiwi classic is resurrected in all of its former glory.


To celebrate the launch of the Aunt Betty’s Raspberry Saucy Centres Lamington, Remix went back in time to when life was a little bit slower, and dessert was shared after every dinner time with an exclusive Remix photoshoot with local tastemaker, Caitlin Wiig. 

Aunt Betty was the hostess with the mostess - flirty, fabulous and larger-than-life. Betty never came to a party empty-handed. Betty’s Lamingtons were as legendary as were her dinner parties, so Remix brought her back to share her secrets to the perfect Lamington with a taste of nostalgia (and a deliciously saucy centre).

Ideal for a cheeky after-dinner treat and available at your local supermarket, Aunt Betty’s have introduced the latest addition to the Saucy Centres range, a fluffy Raspberry sponge with a gooey chocolate centre. The quick and easy dessert pays homage to yesteryear; allowing the flavours, memories and values of the past to inspire a range of tasty Lamingtons that never fail to take us back to our Nanas’ classic creations this winter.

Aunt Betty’s never fails to impress with their range of desserts to suit every sweet tooth. Crafted into the perfect single serve size for that after dinner treat, because why would you want to share anyway?