A slice above the rest: Auckland's best late-night cake slices

Cake is to celebrations what dogs are to best friends: a match made in heaven. Whether it be a birthday, leaving party, engagement, wedding or even gender reveal, cake is there to remind us that for that one special moment, we can forego with the world’s stresses and enjoy unaltered mouthfuls of pure bliss.

Sometimes there may not even need to be an auspicious occasion for cake to be present; but it’s presence is still a sweet and scrumptious gift that never fails to keep giving. This writer would even go as far as to say that surviving a day of work or study or Netflix binging is enough to justify the moist morsels of joy only cake can provide. So for when the occasion presents itself, the following Auckland restaurants and cafes have the slices of cake to suit every occasion at any time of the day.


Try the: New York Cheesecake and Banoffee Pie 

The Mt Eden Restaurant and Café has quietly grown from a cosy hang out to a fully fledged eatery. Fraser’s  has two entries on this list, the first is the New York Cheesecake. Served with a side of yoghurt, this cheesecake is so good that it deserves its own cult following. As far as Cheesecakes go, this one deserves a place in Auckland’s pop culture history right next to Eden Noodles. The second entry and by no means second best, is the decadent Banoffee Pie. With it's creamy toffee centre and salted caramel popcorn garnishing, you will salivate for hours after diving in to this cake lovers' delight. Whilst hefty superlatives to throw around, one taste of either of these slices  will convert even the most stubborn apron-wearing sceptics amongst us.

Federal Delicatessen


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Try the: Lemon Meringue Pie

The Skytower isn’t the only attraction on Federal Street. What Fed Deli’s Lemon Meringue lacks in height or grandeur it sufficiently makes up for in taste. The perfect combination of pastry, lemon filling and velvety meringue make this cake another contender for Auckland’s best late night slice. Normally served as part of Fed Deli’s ‘The 3-way’ desert sampler, the Meringue steals the show in all of its citrus beauty.

Circus Circus

Try the: Carrot Cake

There isn’t much that is humble about Circus Circus’ carrot cake. One taste of this carrot cake and you will swear that you cannot have another one made that isn’t exactly like the Circus Circus version. Whether it is a hint of liqueur or angels’ tears this carrot cake stands alone in a sea of imposters. Make sure to make your way to one of Auckland’s longest-running cafes and taste the difference.