Asahi Super Dry celebrates 30 years of good taste

Thirty years of anything is worth celebrating, let alone when it is 30 years of standout business which has led to becoming a global icon and household name.

The Asahi Super Dry story began in the mid-1980s, when the team at the Japanese brewery conducted a survey of beer-drinking consumers.

Back then, beer was generally made to be heavy and taste bitter, with brewers believing that consumers couldn't tell the difference in taste between varieties of beer.

The Asahi consumer survey of 5,000 beer-drinking residents from Tokyo and Osaka dispelled this myth, and Asahi Super Dry was born.

In 1987 Karakuchi (dry) draft hit the shelves and was an instant bestseller. Before long, the Asahi brewery couldn't keep up with the demand. By 1990, Asahi production facilities had been updated with the newest technology and equipment of the time, and shortly afterwards the brewery reached the milestone of 100 million cases sold. 

Thirty years on and Asahi Super Dry is sold across the globe and has grown to become a household name.

To celebrate this impressive milestone, the Japanese powerhouse has teamed up with fellow iconic brand, ASICS Tiger, to collaborate on a limited-edition collection of sneakers.

With just 30 pairs of sneakers made - to mirror the 30 years of Asahi - five of the limited edition pairs are available as a collection for auction on Trade Me, here, with all proceeds from the auction going to New Zealand Red Cross.