A Christmas in the Green household, according to Art

Like many people, Christmas has always been one of my favourite times of the year. Sure it can be quite stressful, there’s usually some sort of family argument, and at least one person is allergic to the Christmas tree; but overall I just love it so much having a bunch of families around to share laughs, presents, and food. This year is extra special for us as it’s our first Christmas as parents.

Food plays a huge part in our Christmas, from traditional baking, to delicious Christmas lunches and dinners. Often the party revolves around the kitchen with everyone getting involved in helping to prepare food. Although Eggnog is not a big deal in New Zealand, Matilda and I have decided to make it a family tradition and have been making it over the last few years - we’ve tried a few different recipes and so far we like Jamie Oliver’s recipe the best.
Although Christmas is such a joyful time, it can also be a little bit stressful when it comes to the food and food prep - what are you going to cook? Who’s preparing what? Have we got all the ingredients? Who is doing the food shopping? So to make Christmas a little more enjoyable, delicious and healthy this year we have created the Plate Up Christmas Box! We know how much of a mission it can be thinking about what you are going to cook for your family and finding the time to do it, let alone braving the crowds at the supermarket to do a full shop just before the big day. With the Plate Up Christmas Box we send you all the ingredients and recipes to make a gourmet Christmas lunch or dinner for the whole family. It still means everyone can pitch in and help cook some yummy food, but no one has to worry about the stressful parts or deciding what to cook and braving the crowds at the supermarket.
There’s something really special about the family coming together over a meal, especially the one you have cooked yourself and made with love. The Plate Up Christmas Box, is a gourmet meal kit providing you with everything you need to make Christmas Day enjoyable, easy and delicious! It comes in two sizes, providing either 4-6 or 8-10 people with all the ingredients and recipes to create an amazing 3 course meal, without the prep or shop time.
Meri Kirihimete!