All Eyes On The Toyota C-HR

The wind and rain couldn’t stop the party as Remix and friends celebrated the launch of the Radiance Edition last week at Azabu Mission Bay. Together with our cherished sponsors and in signature Remix style, we threw a night to remember - or should we say kind of, remember? 

At the heart of our soirée stood the sleek silhouette of the new-generation Toyota C-HR - a beacon of automotive ingenuity, style and luxury - much like our esteemed cover star, Cindy Crawford. As guests arrived, celebratory welcome photos beckoned in front of the C-HR - after all, every angle is a good angle. But it wasn't just the striking exterior that caught the eye. The boot had been creatively transformed into a blooming flower display, with bouquets matching the vibrant copper hue of the C-HR.

Like one of the world’s most iconic supermodels, the Toyota C-HR quickly became a focal point of admiration, conversation and plenty of photos throughout the night, making it a natural fit for our celebration. Guests even had the chance to sit behind the driver’s seat (stationary, of course) and explore the super-coupe’s stand-out and advanced hybrid technology features. Around the venue, image displays of Remix’ very own Georgia and the new-generation C-HR model set the scene, detailing her experience and driver’s day with the ‘it’ car of the season.

As the evening revved into gear, Toyota Assistant Vice President Susanne Hardy presented a captivating speech about the star of the show, the C-HR, whilst Remix editor-in-chief Amber spoke about another icon - this one, however, adorned in Gucci and Oscar De La Renta.

A huge thank you to Toyota for sponsoring our Radiance Edition launch party - certainly one for the books.

All photography by Sonna Studios