Discover radical elegance with Lexus LC series

It’s not always easy to change for the better, particularly in the fast-paced lanes of the driving world. But the evolution of the Lexus brand with the addition of the LC series is proof that change can be beautiful. Designed and engineered to draw out direct, responsive performance, every element of the LC 500 Coupe is crafted to thrill. 


With an undeniably glamorous body, you can evidently see the evocative and fluid interpretation of the Lexus “seduction and technology” design theme. The athletic profile boasts a sweeping roofline that tapers to the rear with a distinctive silhouette, while chrome mouldings along the side of the roof mimic the lines of a Samurai sword. But the brave design for the luxury Coupe merely brushes the surface of this Avant-Garde vehicle’s delights. 


The two-door Coupe has been meticulously built in the same factory at Motomachi that created the LFA supercar and using the acclaimed Takumi craftsmen. The driver’s cockpit has been ergonomically designed so all controls fall easily to hand, while the area around the passenger spreads outwards to create a comfortable and welcoming space, and the driver’s hip point has been located as close as possible to the coupe’s centre of gravity, maximising the feedback of the car’s performance. Two powertrains are also available; the LC 500 features a five-litre, naturally aspirated, V8 engine whilst the LC 500h offers a sustainable alternative with a state-of-the-art hybrid powertrain. Achieving a world first in premium vehicles, the V8 models come with a direct shift, close-ratio 10-speed automatic transmission to achieve smooth linear acceleration.


When it comes to the LC 500 Coupe, Lexus truly has pushed the limits of both form and function to connect you to the road like never before.