10 architectural marvels from across the globe

Architecture appreciators take note - judging from this list there most definitely is no shortage of awe-inspiring structures popping up across the globe. Prepare to be inspired by some of the most elaborate, gravity-defying and revolutionary marvels in the world of architecture, here. 1.

1. The Lutheran Hallgrimskirkja
Although this name is a bit of a mouthful, the structure is absolutely breathtaking! Located in Iceland, this church is definitely worth waking up early on Sunday for. 

2. Heydar Aliyev Center 
Located in Azerbaijan, this building is noted for it's curves and the way it 'flows'. Easy to understand why it made the list!

3. Wat Rong Khun
Located in Thailand and also known as the White Temple, this looks like something from a fairy tale. It is now used purely as an art exhibit, meaning you are able to visit it, if you ever happen to be in the area..

4. Frank Lloyd Wright's cathedral rock
A cathedral built into the buttes of Sedona, this has been voted one of the Seven man mode wonders of Arizona, and it is easy to see why. 

5. Gare do Oriente
Used as the main Portuguese intermodal transport hubs, lucky people get to travel inside this building every day! If only the train stations in NZ looked like this. 

6. Riverside Museum
Located in Glasgow, and in 2013 won the Museum of the year award - this would make anyone want to go for a day at the museum.

7. Odeillo Solar Furnace
The Odeillo is the worlds largest solar furnace and is located in the South of France. Getting up to temperatures of over 3,000 Celsius, I don't know how close to this one we would want to get! For now a picture will do.

8. Temppeliaukio Church
A Lutheran church located in Finland, this was built into a rock by brothers before opening in 1969. 

9. Museu do Amanha
Also known as the Museum of Tomorrow, this science museum has everyone's jaws dropping with it's amazing architecture. Located in Brazil, this is definitely worth visiting on your next holiday. 

10.Bodegas Ysios
An idyllic winery at the foot of Sierra de Cantabria catches everyone's attention with it's unique architecture (check out that roof!)