Your first look at the new Fenty x PUMA range

The debut of Rihanna’s Fenty x PUMA collection at New York Fashion Week was unforgettable and finally, now you can get your hands on the highly anticipated collection.

Hitting stores worldwide tomorrow, the street-wear inspired range is dropping online at and at both Good As Gold and Loaded stores at 12pm.

Featuring apparel, footwear and accessories, this collection is a reflection of Rihanna’s personality while also drawing inspiration from contemporary Japanese street culture and tradition. The fusion of cultural influences and gothic overtones in this collection results in a haunting twist on traditional fashion while blurring the rigid lines between genders.

‘This collection is not only a representation of who I am and how I dress but also pushes the boundaries of what I wanted to create with PUMA,’ says Rihanna.

Like other Fenty x PUMA collaborations, this collection is certain to sell out. Yet, even if you do miss out on this drop, new introductions will be released in October and November.

Before you grab your sleeping bag and overnight snacks to wait in line at Good As Gold and Loaded, check out what’s being dropped below:

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