Sneak Peek: Deadly Ponies' new 'Depths Of Desire' collection

Inspired by an imagined love affair between a deep-sea monster and a zeppelin, Deadly Ponies’ newest collection is experimental, intriguing and as elegant as ever.

The collection includes two drops of 11 different silhouettes - giving us more than enough newness to choose from.

Boasting rich colours, bold line work and spherical designs, the collection shows us a whole new way of cementing '70s design elements into the modern day.

While it’s almost impossible to pick a favourite, the Mr Leopard in Ink, Mr Wallet Dots in Blue Green and Mr Verne in Rhino have us clearing out our wardrobes to make space for these luxe additions.

Lucky for us, we don’t have to wait long to get our hands on '70s inspired collection, as drop one launches in store and online today! 

Check out our top picks from the collection in the gallery above.

(Please note not all designs pictured are available in drop one! But trust us, they'll be worth the wait).