wrangler rocks with new look book

Words by Catrin Owen Wrangler have just released their summer 2013 look book and it’s a perfect way to celebrate the beginning of the warmer months. Seen as a bit of an icon in the world of denim, Wrangler’s new look book is super fun and playful, taking what’s old and making it new again for a new lease of life. The women’s collection is a fusion of the iconic 70’s and 90’s, creating grungey and classic looks such as relaxed dungarees, double denim, white shorts and pops of floral print. For the guys it’s a uniform of rock n’ roll, inspired by the rock of Austin Texas and the California psychedelic movement. The classic button ups, fun printed shirts and the good old ripped denim jeans are all a staple for the summer months. With fresh new faces Leila Goldkuhl and Chris Rutt fronting the look book it’s a great collection from this iconic denim brand. So embrace the double denim and dungarees this summer and take a peek at their look-book below. Also click here to visit the Wrangler store and here to keep up with these guys on Facebook! [gallery ids="316,315,314,313"]