What the Remix team are gifting this year from Swarovski

It may not apply when we’re young, but the smallest gifts under the tree are the ones we always tend to gravitate towards first, and for good reason. Whether you’re in need of a special sparkling gift for the love of your life, or simply treating yourself to a well-deserved keep-sake, Swarovski has everything you need this festive season.

For reasons that need no explanation, Swarovski pieces are a big fan favourite in the Remix office and now with gifting season in full swing, the Remix team have rounded up their favourite items from their newest festive campaign - Open the Wonder. Read on to discover the Remix team’s top picks and how they are styling them for the holiday season. 

Millenia Bracelet 

With two brothers it’s around this time that I wait for the inevitable “what do you want for Christmas” text. In which I reply with links to my lustful wishlist and get my very best surprised face ready for the unwrapping bonanza on Christmas morning. This year I'm planning my outfit around the Millenia bracelet which will obviously be the main event. Think hot pink mini dress, whatever festive-inspired socks nana gifts and of course, the chic Christmas cracker paper hat- stunning!- Deputy Editor, Orion

Millenia Hoop Earrings 

As a lover of a good hoop, the Millenia Hoop Earrings are already ready and waiting in my online cart. This year I’m gifting myself an early present because why not? I can’t wait to wear these as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve! - Brand Manager, Portia

Constella Ring 

Having an eight-year-old son means I get the joy of choosing my own gifts and this year he’s treating me to the Constella Ring! Because I'm always on the run to school drop-offs, meetings, sports practices and everything in between the only jewellery I usually wear are rings because I don't have to take them off, making this the perfect gift. -Digital Editor, Nina

Constella Hoop Earrings 

This year I am lucky enough to be spending Christmas in England with my family. I’m manifesting a white Christmas, which means I'm channelling my inner Kendall Jenner in Aspen, rugged up in uggs, a wooly turtleneck, thick tights and these Constella hoops. I know you can see the vision! - Editorial Assistant, Annabelle

Constella Necklace 

Like Monique I always find sister gifting the hardest! You can never go wrong with keepsake jewellery so the Constella Necklace is perfect! - Founder, Tim

Stella Drop Earrings 

For me, the festive season is all about going big or going home which is why the Stella Drop earrings are on my wishlist to myself this year. I love styling sparkling crystal with a simple black outfit and this year we’re planning on keeping things rather chill so these earrings will quite literally be the shining star on top of the Christmas tree! - Amber, Editor-in-chief

Stella Bracelet 

When it comes to sibling gifting everyone knows that the hardest person to buy for is always your sister! What do you get the girl that already has everything? Obviously, the answer is always jewellery! The Stella bracelet is perfect because it’s simple and elegant, yet packs a big statement punch. It’s safe to say that this year I have secured myself as the favourite with this gift! - Monique, Content and Marketing Assistant