We celebrate 50 years of PUMA Suede Classics

Something happened last night, something epic. Something that saw a room jam-packed with snacks snacking on trays of BurgerFuel circulating the two-story K Road venue. Sipping on Coronas, Masters of Ceremonies Rose and Red Bull Organics. Dancing to performances from Matthew Young, Teeks and The Katayanagi Twins, and most importantly staring in awe at the glass cabinets encasing the best thing to happen to the sneaker games since, ever; the PUMA Suede Classic.

50 exceptional years of the suede, and here’s to 50 x 50 more of them. We were lucky enough to be brushing shoulders with other guests, many of whom were rocking their iconic Suedes for the occasion. In classic Puma style – this was a party we won’t forget, celebrating a shoe that for five decades has refused to be forgotten.

Check out some of the party snaps above! 


Imagery by @snapperonline