Throw some shade with this new collaboration

This summer, Specsavers is back with a bang, and this time they’re joining forces with beloved Australian accessories brand, Mimco, to bring us a stunning range of eyewear. Imagine slipping on a pair of frames that not only enhance your vision but also make you stand out from the crowd – that's exactly what you can expect from the Specsavers x Mimco collaboration.


This latest collection boasts an array of 13 optical frames and seven sunglasses styles, carefully curated for those who demand nothing less than the best when it comes to their sunnies. Specsavers has a knack for teaming up with local design stars, and the Mimco partnership is potentially our favourite one yet, some frames in the collection are even crafted from a bio-based acetate called Acetate Renew, proving that fashion and eco-consciousness can indeed go hand in hand.

Now, let's get down to the stars of the show – the eyewear pieces themselves. Picture this: iconic cat-eye sunglasses (AKA the Mimco Sun RX 05) with a layered acetate design inspired by Mimco's signature bag webbing straps. And if you're a fan of sleek lines and modern shapes, this collection has your name written all over it. Whether you're after a dash of sophistication or a pop of flair, these frames are your go-to ticket for an instant style upgrade. Specsavers and Mimco are here to redefine how you see, how you're seen, and how you shine.

Get ready to make heads turn, eyes envy, and style your reality like never before. This eyewear range isn't just an accessory; it's your best-kept secret to looking effortlessly chic this spring.

Imagery via @specsaversnewzealand