The Style Evolution of Harry Styles

When it comes to true style evolution, there is nobody better to focus on than the one and only Harry Styles. Spanning all the way back to the days of One Direction, Harry has successfully traded in his Frat boy era for Feather Boas and Gucci garments, graciously and effortlessly moving with the times and blurring gender boundaries along the way. 

With his new album ‘Harry’s House’ on repeat, and his new and highly-anticipated film ‘Don’t Worry, Darling’ about to hit the big screen, the Remix team thought that this would be the perfect time to dive through the Styles’ archives. 

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Peak One Direction era, 2010

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Humble beginnings, Harry papped in London wearing Jack Wills, 2010

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One Direction attends the American Music Awards, 2015. 

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Harry for ‘Another Man’ Cover, 2016

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Harry attends his first Met Gala with fashion muse and Creative Director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele, 2019

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Harry pushes gender norms by wearing a Gucci dress for his Vogue cover shoot, December 2020

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One of many flawless fits for his ‘Golden’ Music Video release, 2020

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Love on Tour, 2021

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Harry for Dazed Magazine, 2021

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Harry Styles for Gucci, 2021

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Harry says chunky jewellery is back in. One Night Only, NYC by Anthony Pham, 2022

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Sequins on the Coachella Stage, 2022

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Harryween, 2022

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Only Harry could make worn socks look ‘cool’ in his Better Homes & Gardens shoot, 2022 

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Harry has officially entered his Elton John phase, wearing a beautifully crafted Gucci suit and sunglasses for his film premiere ‘Don’t Worry, Darling’ at Venice Film Festival, 2022