In honour of Fathers Day we take a retrospective look at one of the world's most stylish dads

Being one of Britain's most iconic athletes and the world's most sexy dad, David Beckham makes it look all too easy. From football games to movies and photoshoots to having one of the most genetically pleasing families out, Beckham is one of the most swoon-worthy Dad’s on our list. But one thing that has put him above the rest is his im-Beck-able fashion from the 90s until now. Not to mention his partner in crime, Victoria Beckham, who never fails to complement his fits and hit the matching couple brief every time. With Fathers Day around the corner, it is only fair we appreciate one of the world's fav Dads, David Beckham and his iconic fashion fits from over the years. 

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90’s Casual 

The glasses, jumper and flip phone screams  90’s back-to-basics. Beckham gave this era a run for its money with this effortless “I’m just getting groceries look”, which is to-die-for.

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Monochrome Memories 

Never seen without his partner in crime, Beckham showed off his stunning partner in crime, Victoria Beckham, with this monochrome cargo look. We can’t get over the matching fits from this power couple, which set couples fashion standards for years to come.

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Divine Pairing 

Prince charming is something Beckham does all too well, this is a truly iconic look that mixes romantic love with 2000s fashion; what more could you want from this timeless wedding? 

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2000’s NJR Music Awards

We couldn’t miss this off our list, a leopard print shirt and velvet pants; what a timeless combo. Not much else to be said; the look speaks for itself.

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The London Look

If only we looked this good whilst travelling. Even when these two aren’t trying to be camera ready, their outfits are. 

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Dreamy Dad Life 

Despite all his iconic fashion fits, we must be reminded that Beckham is a family man. Even though this fit doesn’t quite hit the Y2K era, it still makes us swoon over his day to day life.  Beckham is always showing us he can go from suits to gumboots while making it fashion.

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Tailored fantasy 

From killing the 2000s fashion game to now suiting up for any occasion. Beckham's fashion has gone from Y2K lush to modern charm, and we aren’t mad about it; just look at him…