Sam Cane and Tim Phin join Van Heusen’s elite crew of mentors!

Okay ladies let’s admit it… we LOVE a guy in a suit!  

Whether it be that charmer you catch eyes with at your local coffee spot during lunch hour, or the beau who gets his knee dirty proposing to his lover, Van Heusen is the brand that ‘makes the man’.

The label continues to inspire men as the Van Heusen ‘Mentors’ provide their most striking life stories, style advice and secrets of success.

The impressive line-up includes some of Australia’s most successful sportsmen and entrepreneurs such as; Kurt Fearnly, Deng Adut, Mick Fanning, Scotty James Magnussen, Cyril Rioli and Stuart B Richardson, to name a few.


And who better to join the band of mentors on the Van Heusen stage other than New Zealand Rugby legend, Sam Cane, and the mastermind behind Remix Magazine, Tim Phin.

Our own kiwi boys shared inspirational stories of their life and work, travel tips and style advice, leadership and family, and what qualities they think make a good mentor.


‘Someone who possesses all the qualities you consider important.  They should have some type of expertise in their area but above all they need to be a good person,’ says Cane.

‘Someone you can see a bit of yourself in.  Someone you can relate to; someone you want to be like – that’s important.  Your mentor isn’t the same for everyone – they have to have a bit of you in them,’ says Phin.

Keep up with the many encouraging and inspiring stories these mentors have to tell here, or if you’re in need of some new classy essentials, swipe that card and add some dapper Van Heusen staples to your hangers!