Vote for Remix in The Maggies!

1173862_10151798470390782_5362710_n We've been nominated as a finalist in The Maggies Magazine Cover Awards 2014! Our Fashion and Culture issue from September 2013 is going up against other Kiwi magazines for the coveted prize. If you didn't pick up the nominated issue, then let us remind you it is a gatefold cover, which can be folded out to reveal an extension of the cover design across two pages. We loved it so much, we made it twice the size. On the cover is Derya Parlak, New Zealand model of Turkish descent and the lead actress in Romeo and Juliet: A Long Song, Van Dammen's musical interpretation of the Shakespearian classic. The Kiwiana designs around her were done by artist, illustrator and designer Greg Straight, who has since gone on to design a limited edition version of the famous Chelsea sugar tins and decorate one of the Westpac bank debit cards. More and more people are falling in love with Greg's unique, simplified style of representing Kiwiana on canvas. His recurring colours and themes produce minimalistic yet impactful pieces. We're stoked Greg approached us for a collaboration before anyone else! If you want to see more of Greg's beautiful portfolio, then visit his website here. And please vote for us! Your vote will help us take the top spot! Click here to visit the Maggie Awards website and cast your vote... for Remix!