Out & About: Gubb & Mackie present Christian Kimber

Last Friday one of our favourite menswear labels, Gubb & Mackie, hosted an event for international footwear and accessories designer, Christian Kimber. Christian Kimber is a Melbourne based brand with a focus on classically constructed footwear and accessories with a contemporary perspective. Quality and craftsmanship are at the forefront of their design with all items being hand made in Italy. Gubb & Mackie are continuing their exclusive representation of the Christian Kimber brand in New Zealand by making this footwear collection available for the first time. Check out our gallery of images from the event and then click here for Gubb & Mackie online. [gallery link="file" ids="7602,7604,7603,7607,7606,7608,7601,7600,7599,7598,7597,7596,7595,7594,7593,7592,7591,7590,7589"]