Nick Von K unveils range of 'Motorcycle Club' tanks and tees

All 3 cuffs New Zealand jewellery designer Nick Von K never seems to slow down and he's set the bar high to kick the year off, unveiling his debut line of tanks and tees. Entitled 'The Nick Von K Motorcycle Club', the range of tanks and tees was created in collaboration with Auckland based fashion label Kingdom Of, launched in December with a secret party by The Black Club.
The Nick Von K Motorcycle Club has been a long time in the making. Designer Nick Von Klarwill has always wanted to branch into fashion, taking inspiration from his own love of motorbikes and cult film Easy Rider. ‘I’ve always loved the motorbike rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic and everything visual that comes with that culture. And I wanted to make something that was not jewellery, but still very Nick Von K,’ says Klarwill. ‘The Kingdom Of crew were ideal to team up with on this. They get fashion, I’m a fan of their stuff and we share a lot of views creatively.’ The Nick Von K Motorcycle Club includes a both a tank and a tee, for both men and women, available in a range of sizes for both. Both styles are available with either of the two core designs – the panther or the skull. Check out the gallery below and click here to buy. On top of that, Klarwill last week made an accessory addition to the range, adding leather cuffs to the Nick Von K Motorcycle Club, available as either a wrap cuff or rotor cuff. Check them out in the campaign image above and click here to view them on his website. [gallery link="file" ids="5138,5139,5140,5141,5142,5143"]