Nick Von K making debut appearance at New Zealand Fashion Week 2014

NVK _MG_3441-fixed New Zealand jewellery label Nick Von K has certainly its fair share of fashion shows and events since starting out in 2010, but never at New Zealand Fashion Week. Well, that’s about to change. Founder and designer Nick Von Klarwill last week announced that he will unveil his top secret new collection at New Zealand Fashion Weekend 2014, in a joint show with his friend and K Road neighbour Adrian Hailwood. The show is the latest venture in what has been a busy year for the bold and mystical jewellery designer. Since releasing his 2013 collection Midnight Carnival last September, Nick has also released his first ever watch collection and a range of charms, as well as design what he calls his greatest collection yet. ‘The new collection is a continuation of what my customers and fans have come to love about Nick Von K, but at the same time a fresh concept and new aesthetic. It’s a whole new story,’ Nick says. Two designers and two shows on one runway. What could be better than that? This… the fact you can attend! Buy a ticket to A.OK All on K Road: Hailwood & Nick Von K as part of the New Zealand Fashion Weekend right here to be in the audience at 4:30pm on Sunday 31st August.