New Issue Preview: A Sneak Peek Into Our Shoot With Willy Moon

In our second week of new issue teasers, we preview the exclusive shoot with London-based Kiwi and ‘Yeah Yeah’ hitmaker Willy Moon for his charming chat with our editor Tina Moore. Here's what Willy had to say when Tina asked him about his genre of music and what he thought about it being used in an Apple ad. "I don't like the idea of genre. I've always thought that genre was a kind of bullshit way to classify music. I've always thought that it didn't really mean anything to me. Like Miles Davis said, 'There's only two genres of music - good music and bad music', and I agree with that very much." - Willy Moon on music genre. "I got a call from my publishing company saying, 'There's somebody who's interested in using your music, I can't tell you who it is but they're going to fly us over to London...' etc, and I had to sign all these non-disclosure agreements. Apple's very intense. They micro-manage every tiny little detail." - Willy Moon on his music being used by Apple. Check out how dapper Mr. Moon looked when we put him in a suit. You can read the full story and check out more photos by picking up the latest issue of Remix Magazine on sale now.