Meet the Queen of colour, Maxine Wylde

When your mood is matching the weather outside, it’s easy to keep reaching for subdued tones and wear your seasonal sadness on your charcoal grey sleeve. But a dreary day doesn’t have to mean a dreary mood. 

We called upon Aussie Instagram muse Maxine Wylde to discuss why dressing in colour doesn’t have to be scary, her must-have winter wardrobe essentials, and for the colour-averse out there, the one black item that will never go out of style.

How are you? What's been happening?

I'm good, thanks! I recently moved into a new apartment and setting that up has been surprisingly time-consuming. Turns out I'm a hoarder!

If you could describe your style in three words what would they be?

Obviously colourful, eclectic definitely and also a little bit retro.

How did you start your influencer journey and how does it feel to be so many people's fashion muse?

It was quite an accidental thing. I started this account three years ago, just posting flat-lays and incorporating an outfit here and there. I’ve always loved fashion but at the time I was actually studying interior design. After I graduated I had a little art studio where I painted things and styled them up to sell on Instagram. I then got contacted by a couple of skincare and jewellery brands who asked me to style some of their product and provide imagery. At that point I was like, wow, that's actually a thing? So, that was my intro to content creation. Documenting my outfits was always something I wanted to do, so one day I started posting and it snowballed over time. 

What are five wardrobe staples that everyone must have?

A basic baby tee because they always look cute with low-rise jeans. A fun bomber jacket, blazer and trench – we love our outerlayers! And an absolute essential for me would be a turtleneck. Especially layered under a jacket.

What's your advice for incorporating colour into a winter wardrobe?

A scarf is an easy place to start because it's very little commitment. I also think there are so many cool trousers and jeans out there in a wide range of colours that you can experiment with endlessly – and you can always tone them down with a black coat or blazer. When my friends ask me how to wear colour I always say invest in a fun pair of pants that you feel drawn to and then wear something you're more comfortable with on top, like a plain tank top.

What are five things you can always find in your handbag?

Always lipgloss. I typically have four in there at one time because I’ll forget I've put one in already. I also have two phones, my personal and the other one for content. Chewing gum, because my boyfriend is constantly asking for it. A little stick of perfume, and random jewellery! I put it in there when I’m heading out the door and totally forget about it. I've lost so many pieces to the bottom of my handbags. 

What is your favourite piece in your wardrobe?

The Bottega Cassette bag has a really special place in my heart because I feel like it's just very me. It's also the first luxury, expensive handbag I actually saved and saved for. It also goes with everything and she's just so cute! 

What's one thing you love about winter fashion? 

Layering! I love winter weather for fashion. I think that's where my love for fashion really shines. In summer when it’s hot it's hard because you can only really wear two things. Winter inspires me to get dressed because I can layer up and try new looks. Also, it's fun to brighten up the dreary days with a bright fit.

What's your advice for people hesitant about wearing bold colours and prints? 

I think a pattern that sparks joy for you individually is a good starting point. When I buy clothes I always pick the garment up and if holding it and touching it and imagining it in my wardrobe makes me happy then I’m basically sold. Something will stand out for you and not stand out for another person so it really is a personal thing. Hunt for the patterns and colours that really resonate with you and try to work with them. Don't be afraid. As I said earlier, you can tone down a bold piece with a more relaxed black top or blazer. It’s also surprisingly easy to build an outfit out of a pattern because you can pull colours from the design to finish the rest of the look off. If you're really stuck I think a check pattern is a great gateway because it's classic and interesting but not too out there. Ultimately though, if it makes you happy then who cares what anyone else thinks? 

Do you have any items on your wish list right now?

It’s increasingly becoming a pipe dream, but a Chanel bag. I think I'm going to start putting away money every week from now on.

What's one thing you think will never go out of style?

I hate to say it but a black blazer. I love wearing a black blazer from time to time. It just makes me feel powerful.

What's one thing you hope does go out of style?

I actually can't think of one. It’s really exciting that we're at a time right now in fashion where self-expression is number one, and even if I can't see myself wearing something I can still appreciate it on someone else. 

Describe your perfect Sunday brunch outfit.

I'm obsessed with cosy, oversized knitted jumpers. A pair of really cute flares or trousers and Jordans.