LOEWE has arrived in Auckland (finally), here’s where to go! 

DFS has brought the first LOEWE boutique to Downtown Auckland, and we couldn’t be more excited - LOEWE (pronounced lo-weh-vay) is nestled in the CBD’s iconic T Galleria by DFS. Find archetypal styles like the Hammock and the Puzzle as well as other signature leather work that the brand is known for amongst the shelves, with DFS bringing the craft and culture of the brand right to the heart of the city. 

DFS is the World’s leading destination for luxury shopping, and bringing one of the world’s major luxury houses only made sense. Created in Madrid, Spain back in 1846, LOEWE approaches 175 years in the industry, and Creative Director Jonathan Anderson has made sure that the brand boasts the intellectual, playful fashion that has trailblazed through the industry since 2013. Worn by icons through the years from Queen Elizabeth Eugenie to Ernest Hemingway, Rita Hayworth to Marlene Dietrich, LOEWE is the perfect addition to any capsule wardrobe and one that gives you confidence with every walk.

Committed to beautiful leatherwork and groundbreaking silhouettes, visit T Galleria by DFS, Auckland and get your luxury LOEWE fix. 

22 Customs Street West, Auckland City, Auckland 1010