Levi’s Altered has launched at Karen Walker Playpark

If you flick through pictures from any era, you will notice one thing stands out. Levi’s. The iconic streetwear label has become the off-duty look for fashion gurus after starting out as a humble piece of workwear attire, transforming into our must have staple of modern fashion. 

Thanks to Levi Strauss, the ingenious inventor of the blue jean, iconic pieces like the 501 jean and Trucker jacket have become our go-to’s for over 140 years.  Let’s just say: our favourite pair of Levi’s are a friend we can absolutely count on. 

And as a result of all this, the Levi’s Altered Collection was born.  And where better to launch the curated range, other than at the Karen Walker Playpark

‘Playpark by Karen Walker’ is already filled with a wide range of distinguished collections, and now the renowned showroom is going to be brimming with shades of blue, vintage fever and extreme denim love.

Karen herself lusts over the prime and symbolic Levi’s wardrobe, as it continuously remains to be a Western casual favourite.  Often pairing items from her own collection with the trusted 501 CT’s, there is no doubt these aesthetic jeans work wonders for all of us.

The illustrious collection will be available in store August 16, so head down and grab yourself a statement that will continue to live on forever.

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