Kate Moss’s first EVER photoshoot images

So fresh and unassuming, Kate’s first shoot, at just 14 years old, was styled with a plain white school blouse and sports bloomers. The photographer Owen Scarbiena says of the shoot, ‘I was very minimal, I shot with a wide aperture, no lights, no make-up. And no clue of what Moss was to become either, although he could see she was a natural. ‘Some girls come with  a ready-made photo pose and you have to work through that. But I just said to Kate, “Pretend you’re bored waiting at the bus stop,' and she  got it.’ With Kate being the strong-minded beauty that she is, we can imagine she's 'just been getting it' ever since. untitled-article-1455771365-body-image-1455771531 untitled-article-1455771365-body-image-1455771563-1 Words by Georgina Bidois