Ivy Park arrives tomorrow; Every item from Bey's collection

Tomorrow - Friday or should we say, Fribey - marks the launch of Queen B’s Ivy Park collection at our very own Topshop NZ! If you have missed out on the growing hype over the new activewear line, here’s what you need to know:

Ivy Park is a fashion label created by Beyoncé which is co owned 50/50 with the owner of Topshop, Sir Philip Green. The highly anticipated label specialises in activewear, showcases leggings, tank tops, bodysuits, sports bras, t-shirts, jackets – the lot.


Bey's collection is aiming to be a 'democratic brand and is for everybody and every body shape', with Yonce hope it will 'start a cultural movement in the vocabulary we use around one another, around our daughters, and around all the young women in our lives'.

So be sure to make your way to 203 Queen Street and fight your way to the mass of lycra and mesh – I mean who doesn’t want to sweat like Beyoncé?

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