Our Remix icons have us dreaming of a Swarovski Christmas

The Swarovski Christmas Collection is the stuff our festive dreams are made of – complete with sparkling adornments and beautifully crafted pieces which are sure to turn heads and drop jaws. What would Christmas be without a little sparkle anyway?! 

From dainty layering pieces to chandelier-inspired drop-earrings and heavily adorned necklaces, the Swarovski Christmas Collection has prime real-estate on our Christmas wishlist and we’re leaving not-so-subtle hints wherever we can. From the on-trend to the timeless, Swarovski has all of our jewellery bases covered this festive season, encouraging us all to dial up the glamour and celebrate in glittering crystals, sapphires and gold. 

Thanks to our beloved Remix icons, we’ve already checked out just how stunning the pieces from this enviable collection really are. Fashion and beauty blogger Ash Owens; photographer and model Laura Snelling; hair stylist and fashion influencer Chloe Zara; and author and one half of Julia & Libby, Julia Matthews have each styled up the Christmas Collection, putting their own spin on the timelessness that is Swarovski. Our stylish icons are New Zealand women are at the forefront of their industries, renowned for their individual style, confidence and influence in their respective fields. 

The Christmas Collection is all about being bold yet glamorous, exuding confidence and brilliance as you take your look seamlessly from day to night. We’re already dreaming of spending Christmas Day in dainty, layered Swarovski pieces that sparkle with brilliance and beauty.

Discover the full Christmas collection, here