Hugo Boss Fall menswear nails ‘sports tailoring’

For their Fall 2018 show in New York yesterday, Hugo Boss moved once again onward, upward and away from the corporate tailoring it has long been heralded for. Chief Brand Officer, Ingo Wilts, ensured the that the finery Boss is renowned for remained a staple, while distinct athletic element was injected into the overall aesthetic.

The Remix team were in New York for the show, keenly observing as every futuristic look made its way down the runway. 

Wilts went all-America, citing baseball as the key influence for a collection of over-sized, padded outerwear, jersey shirting, ponchos, blazers and drawstring pants.

‘We named it ‘sports tailoring’, explained Wilts. ‘It’s such a New York thing, baseball [and] is combined with our heritage and then a layer of protective surfaces.’