How to build a summer work wardrobe 

How to stay cool and look cool this summer.

Summer is the season for skin - which you already know by now, but it is an important anchor for what's to come. How do we display this skin in the summertime comfortably and elegantly and within the restraints of what is considered ‘work appropriate’? It’s not always easy and often leads to purchasing trend-driven items that don’t make it to the next summer. To avoid this happening, here are a few helpful hacks and hints to accumulating the perfect summer wardrobe: 

Buy Quality Fabrics 

Recently I’ve decided to prioritise expressing the realest me in my sartorial aesthetic with my summer work wardrobe - a quick-witted woman trapped in a corporal meat casing. Despite still waiting for my boobs to come in, and having a butt that has dropped a noticeable four or five inches since university, I still desire only the finest fabrics to hang off it. Breathable, comfortable fabrics are the name of the game here. There’s nothing like a good quality linen pant or silk shirt to tell the world you’re comfortable, but also a bit fancy. Like the rich girl who doesn’t really need a job, but likes to feel useful so bounces around the office anyway.

We love this shirt from Karen Walker


Invest in Long Dresses and Skirts 

Contrary to popular belief, long dresses and skirts need not be modest. There are so many to choose from, you want something comfortable, something that flatters - but also appears low maintenance. That being said, if you’re going to rock one to work try picking one with a slit up the side, they're easy to walk in plus add a theatrical effect when blowing in the summer breeze.  

We love this Isabel Marant skirt from Workshop or this skirt from Marle


Buy anything that can be tied into a bow

Anything that can be tied into a bow, should be tied into a bow. That is all.

We love this Helen Cherry blouse 

Wear Loose Fitting Pants 

If you know me at all, you know I absolutely cannot get enough of pants, but not all pants are creating equal. Silk pants are great (see quality fabric segment above), but when you’re sweating like a racehorse on your commute those silky pants will become stage five clingers to the back of the thigh realllll quick. Try linens or breathable cottons for the perfect summer statement.  

We love these ones from Moochi

The Summer Blazer

The summer blazer needn’t be confused with the WINTER blazer. The winter blazer is heavy and warm, the summer blazer is light, carefree, might have rolled-up sleeves, and is often colourful. Breathe some new life into your wardrobe and your workplace with a pastel, shorter-sleeved variation of the winter blazer.

We love this Maggie Marilyn blazer.


Anything layered

The amount of layers on a garment is inversely related to how much the girl wearing it cares about her appearance. You do the math!