Louis Vuitton is turning 200 and here's how they're celebrating

Happy 200th Birthday to Louis Vuitton! Fashion is all about making a statement so when it comes to birthdays, a grand gesture should not come as a surprise. We aren’t talking about a balloon garland or some fireworks, think bigger. To celebrate, the luxury fashion house is launching ‘Louis 200,’ as a way of recognising the visionary spirit of Louis, the Founder. This unique multi-platform initiative will be a series of innovative experiences and installments around the world. Each piece is unique, inviting and Vuitton-approved.


The Louis Vuitton monogram is hard to miss, we see it on jewellery, luggage and clothing, how about the App store? A digital game called Louis the Game allows you to interact in the world of Louis Vuitton. With a net worth of over $40 Billion, this global brand is sharing their creativity and passion through new digital technologies. They have dominated the fashion world, are they ready to take on the digital game world too? Big beautiful bright colours paired with the cutest little avatar will make you want to download it straight away. This transgenerational game is an innovative form of art that combines the element of fun and celebration.


As the character Vivienne, you go on a great quest across locations inspired by Paris, London, Tokyo, Beijing and New York, to find 200 birthday candles. So you practically feel like you are travelling the world. Digital artist Mike ‘Beeple’ Winkelmann helped contribute towards the 30 NFTs within the game. Each candle reveals a new postcard on the journey of Louis, his family and the Maison. Talk about the best history lesson ever!


Louis Vuitton revolutionized leather goods and elevated how beautiful luggage pieces could be. On August 4th (Louis’ birthday), the party continues with ‘The Visionaries’ showcase, spotlighting the significance of the iconic trunk through 200 new creative versions. Contemporary artists from all over the world reimagined and reconstructed the significant piece with their creative twist. Each artist was given the original trunk’s measurements and had creative freedom to design the trunk to suit the motifs and ideas they use in their forms of art.


A personal favourite is from the artist Jean-Michel Othoniel who created the ‘Trunk of Hope’ made from glass bricks that were blown in the region of the Taj Mahal. These bricks were inspired by the clay ones you’d find stacked along the roads of India. They symbolize the dream of building your own home one day and hope to inspire people in India to turn their dreams into a reality.


Photography partners Burp also used their trunk proactively and doubled it as ingredients for a vegetable soup! The image is little Louis made from vegetables and herbs, with the title of the piece being ‘Have a Souper Birthday Louis.’ I wonder if it tastes as good as it looks. In New Zealand, a different trunk will be digitally screened each day at Louis Vuitton stores as well as available to view on their website. The visual director, Faye McLead, believes these forms of art will embrace the celebration of Louis Vuitton and what they stand for. Free-flowing creativity.


Through the Louis Vuitton Instagram, the #LOUIS200 has got people excited about the range of happenings that were unveiled for the founder’s bicentennial. Spotted in New York City is this epic artwork that wraps around the building like a birthday present. The King of Luxury himself can now be spotted a mile away. Later on in the year, they plan on releasing a historical novel as well as an Apple TV doco called “Looking for Louis” that will follow the life and legacy of the designer. So whether you want to read, play or watch something on a cozy night in, Louis Vuitton’s birthday extravaganza has it all.