Gucci's Meme Movement

Much to our surprise the new leaders of the meme movement is none other than super luxe fashion house, Gucci. We never expected the Italian label to get quite so amongst the meme trend and start up their own collection but they've proved us wrong. Apparently, Gucci loves memes. 

This idea could have potentially been sparked up by the emoji trend that Chanel incorporated in its Fall 2016 collection, which was followed by Versace releasing a sticker pack of Medusa inspired smiley faces.

Although Gucci's venture into the digital space is not new, see #GucciGram or #24HourAce for more, this time House Creative Director Alessandro Michele invited artists and creatives to bring their personal and idiosyncratic perspectives to bear on Gucci's design motifs. Their collective efforts of original memes acts to promote their new watch collection, the launch of #TFWGucci. 

Each meme features timepieces from different lines, including the Le Marche des Merveilles collection of watches. 

The artists and meme-makers that created these were gathered from around the world, like Los Angeles’s Amanda Charchian and the Qatar–based duo Christto & Andrew, Korean photographer Less, and playful artist Olaf Breuning. 

We believe this is bright idea since memes inspire people to tag a whole bunch of friends for a bit of a laugh and the quick witted memes are undeniably relatable, so they will blow up in no time. 

Gucci has definitely proved to have a sense of humor! Check out our favourite memes below: 

















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