Givenchy in Retrospect: The legacy of a legend

Givenchy has been at the apex of haute couture for decades. Founded in 1952 by Hubert de Givenchy, the luxury brand has never failed to exceed the boundaries of elegance and sophistication. With Audrey Hepburn as his muse, the designer established an image for the brand that could not be paralleled. Even to this day, Givenchy still delivers collections that encapsulate the very essence of what Hubert and Hepburn’s friendship created.

Sheer Opulence. 

Unfortunately, fashion Icon Hubert Givenchy has passed. With his passing, he has left a legacy of fashion ingenuity that will be impossible to match. Hubert pioneered the industries concept of couture, dressing the most prestigious of history’s women, such as Jackie Kennedy. The iconography of the first lady style owes a debt to the Givenchy atelier, for revolutionizing women's fashion.

Here at Remix, we wish to celebrate Hubert de Givenchy as the true fashion legend that he was. So, we have put together a gallery featuring some of the icons most lavish looks over the years. With the extent of Hubert’s reach into the lives of the rich and famous, we are certain that no matter what we include, there will be some familiar faces. Although we have lost a fashion great, Givenchy’s legacy will be eternal.

Image Credit: Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, Style Nine, Entertainment Weekly, Alamy Stock Photos