Formula 1 Reserve Driver Liam Lawson and Kathmandu debut the EPIQ SE Down Jacket

Liam Lawson is no stranger to big dreams, unwavering motivation and significant sacrifice. Growing up in Pukekohe, he always dreamed of racing, and now at just 22 years old, Liam brings the Kiwi spirit to the global stage of Formula 1 as an official Red Bull Reserve Driver. Like Lawson, Kathmandu shares the very same sentiment of pushing boundaries and pursuing innovation, which has made the news of New Zealand’s own number one outdoor brand announcing their partnership with the young driver, that much sweeter. 

The collaboration between the proud Kiwis debuts Kathmandu’s Epiq SE Down Jacket, a special edition of Kathmandu’s heritage puffer. The first all-black Epiq SE effortlessly blends high-performance with high-fashion, whilst keeping sustainability at the forefront. Made from recycled plastic waste (that even includes used car tyres), the chic yet highly durable jacket is both lightweight and water-repellent, and even has a beautiful buttery feel.

Like most Kiwis, Liam’s connection with Kathmandu goes way back, “I’ve owned a Kathmandu jacket since I was a kid. It’s come all over the world with me and feels like a piece of home whenever I see it. Beyond that, the Epiq SE is sleek. I’m continuing to discover my own personal style and am eager to take on the fashion space. I’m stoked for my first step in this scene to be alongside another homegrown Kiwi.”

Remix Editor-in-Chief Amber Baker chatted to the talented driver in an exclusive interview that explored his love for racing, his yearning to get back on the F1 track, and his own personal style that inspired the new Kathmandu Epiq SE.

Liam! You’re making tracks in the F1 season this year as the Red Bull Reserve driver… how does it feel to be on the verge of shaking the ‘Reserve’, and becoming a full time F1 Driver title?

It’s an ironic reality, being so close to something you have dreamed of doing ever since you stood close to a race car. Now I’m here, I’m watching people I’ve looked up to for years get in the car right next to me and do what we love. I want to be there with them and race alongside them. 

What is your earliest driving memory? Or an iconic driving experience from your childhood?

The day I went to my friend’s go-kart race when I was 7. I realised how much I wanted to do this, and that’s the day everything changed. 

When you’re not in a Red Bull racing uniform, how does fashion play a part in your life?

I’m a big sneakerhead. My favourite pair of shoes are my red Golden Gooses. There’s not much room for fashion when you’re under contract as you are mostly always seen in your team uniform from your head to your ankles. So, shoes are what I like to experiment with.

In your free time, are you an outdoorsy kind of guy? What do you love to do?

You won’t catch me sitting around very often, I love driving whatever I can get my hands on – go karts, jet skis, ATV’s.

Which piece from the collection would you wear on a casual drive to the beach?

I’d wear the Kathmandu AnyTime Down Vest because it’s light and easy to move around in. When I’m out doing activities, my style is always loose and comfortable (where sport meets streetwear).

Any messages to all your Kiwi fans at home?

Thank you for your support. We are so close. I hope I can make you all proud in a seat soon.