Florence Welch is Gucci's New Muse

cover Ethereal music star and Grammy nominee Florence Welch, of the band Florence + The Machine, has this week been announced as the new Gucci Timepieces and Jewelry ambassador. Creative Director Alessandro Michele has admitted that he listened to Florence’s music while he designed his first ready-to-wear collection. He said, ‘Her dark, romantic songs are timeless and full of passion and emotion – in many ways they evoke the spirit of Gucci.’ Listen to 'Raise it Up' and you will see what he means. It’s not only Florence’s songs though that are Gucci-esque. In many ways her ornate, other-wordly style also captures the essence of the Italian brand. Florence has been turning heads with her style since The Machine’s first album release in 2009. Her embroidered jackets, kimonos, floaty shirts and flared pants (always flared pants) ooze coolness. Florence also described herself as a jewellery ‘magpie’ and has collected vintage pieces while on tour. She said, ‘[my jewellery] became a memory of every place that I’ve been to. It’s become so [much] a part of me.' Florence has even revealed that she ‘feel[s] quite naked without jewellery’ but that she is much more likely to wear a multitude of rings onstage than to wear necklaces, for fear of ‘getting hit in the face.’ This may seem unlikely to someone who has never seen Florence perform live but the songstress twirls the stage energetically and even runs through the audience (carefully orchestrated by security guards, of course). alexa-chung-florence-welch-zoom-54d2b35f-5785-4ed5-a2bd-a0ec329db045 The charismatic redhead was ‘honoured’ to receive her new position as Gucci’s brand ambassador. The announcement was revealed by an interview with it-girl Alexa Chung, and was also released live on the Gucci Snapchat (tune in to this if you haven’t already). The two were pictured in L.A. after their interview both looking divine in head-to-toe Gucci. Just days after the announcement, Florence attended the Grammy Awards in a custom-made silk chiffon Gucci gown, and it was absolutely to die for. The dress was embroidered with stars, hearts, moons and dragonflies, making it truly magical and one-of-a-kind. 2 More importantly Florence wore a selection of Gucci rings in yellow gold featuring citrine quartz, pink and green tourmalines, diamonds and blue sapphires. It could not get any more sparkly or beautiful than this. We think it’s great that the lovely Florence has become a Gucci brand ambassador. And the best thing about it? She gets to wear Gucci for free. (Cue jealousy). Words by Chantelle Murray Images: flipboard.com, wwd.com, jckonline.com.