Finding the perfect pair of denim

We all know that the ultimate wardrobe essential is of course a well fitting pair of jeans. If you’re on the hunt for your new denim staple, consider famed Italian brand and official denim partner of the New Zealand All Blacks, REPLAY. We caught up with the brands Head Buyer and fashion guru, Joshua Chait, to discuss the best ways to dress up and down denim, what to look for in the perfect pair of jeans and his favourite Autumn style essential. 

How important is a good, staple pair of jeans? 

A good pair of jeans can be the foundation of any good outfit if you’re creative enough. I firmly believe that nothing can make you feel quite as good as a well-fitting pair that makes you feel a million bucks. It’s an incredibly versatile piece of clothing.

What is the easiest way to dress up and dress down denim?

It’s all about the footwear and accessories with this one. A good pair of boots or sneakers can dramatically alter the look of your favourite pair of jeans. The same thing could be said about the belt choice and colour of the belt, if you cuff your jeans or if you’ve had them tailored to you! 

What is the equivalent of the “Little Black Dress” in a men's wardrobe? 

Controversial but I think a charcoal or dark-coloured suit. Just not black. The point of the LBD is that it can be dressed up or down for any occasion, it’s super versatile. A charcoal or dark-coloured suit does the same job for men. It can be worn formally or casually to any occasion, dinner or lunch.

What should people look for in a good pair of jeans?

The Cotton to Elastane ratio, you want JUST the right amount of stretch if that’s your thing. I recommend a 98%-2% split. A good pair of jeans should be a little uncomfortable on your first day/s of wear. This is to help the jeans shape themselves to your body. You should also choose a shape and rise that flatters the body shape you have.

What’s your favourite way to style denim for Autumn? 

My go to for autumn is a lighter, washed denim with a red/brown boot, white t-shirt and a flannel or drill overshirt. Super smart casual and a little workwear inspired. Ready to tackle anything.