Mana Mackay’s story of navigating the 21st Century as New Zealand’s first transgender model

With the future looking brighter than ever for fearless females across the world, Remix in partnership with Converse, asked some of the countries powerful ladies making waves in their own right how they feel navigating ‘girldom’ in the 21st century. This was done with an intention to highlight the progress of women as a collective force in society. With a focus on championing the underdog and the ultimate antihero - the female - the Converse ‘Love The Progress’ collection works to celebrate women and redefine what female really means.


Over the last two years, model Manahou Mackay has broken down barriers in the modelling world with her fierce and fearless determination to live life how she wants to. Choosing to become a model simultaneously meant Mana stumbled into becoming a role model - something the 19-year-old didn’t expect but has taken on with grace.


“I didn’t think that my story was anything special until people began to tell me that I inspired them to be true to themselves… I’m really just a nineteen-year-old girl figuring out life, to be honest.


I think being a female in the 21st century is a lucky place for us to be in, considering history and how women have been treated and suppressed in the past. So I actually think that we are in a very lucky position and we get to see the world change a lot and we should be really grateful… I think it’s really cool that I was welcomed into the modelling industry with open arms.”

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REMIX and CONVERSE set out to celebrate some of New Zealand’s fearless females making waves while navigating ‘girldom’ in the 21st century. Mana Mackay... | By Remix MagazineFacebook


Women like Mana are redefining what it means to be a girl in today’s society. The ‘Love The Progress’ Collection by Converse was inspired and crafted through the power of love, unity and the community of women. The styles inspire the world to take a look at what progress really means, featuring an edgy and feminine design the graphic prints, written messages and meaningful colourways work to encourage amazing and strong women to support one another.


It will take many voices to change the narrative but you have to love the progress...

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