Sick of spring showers? We’ve got the boot to suit

For as long as we can remember, Converse have been our shoe of choice. They’ve accompanied us on many adventures – from dodging the crowds at summer festivals, to throwing on during casual Fridays in the office. Despite their appropriateness for any occasion, the issue being when they start looking like they’ve been through hell and back (including that time everyone got drowned at R&V back in 2010).

Despite your best efforts to restore your Converse to their fresh-from-the-box best, no amount of cycles through the washing machine on a delicate setting would work. Until now, that is.

New for 2016, Converse have launched the new weather proof Counter Climate Boot collection. As a twisted iteration from the recently released Chuck II Counter Climate Collection, this Counter Climate iteration features a winterized Chuck II boot, suitable for wearing 365 days of the year.

Offering up four essential weather-beating benefits, including water-repellent canvas, rubber, leather and waterproof neoprene, the newly imagined Chuck II are perfect for unpredictable spring climates.

This new iteration of the iconic Converse silhouette provides superior protection thanks to its waterproof and water-repellent features, just like an insulated bootie would. Whether trudging over the muddy forest floor, or through a rushing stream, the Chuck II is a must-have if you’re heading overseas to those cooler Northern Hemisphere climates.

With the added benefits of a 360-degree heat barrier and weatherized gum outer sole, the Chuck II provides better traction, whatever the weather. Rain, shine, mud, snow, hail – you’ll be prepped and ready.

Check out the full new iteration Counter Climate Boot collection here.