Chanel switches it up for their fall campaign

Chanel’s 2016 fall ad campaign is nothing like its previous ones. Usually, the brand's Creative Director, Karl Lagerfeld would photograph the models in their clothes and accessories conventionally – a girl holding her hand bag on the corner of a side street, somewhere in London.

However, during an interview with WWD, Lagerfeld shared that he was ‘tired of a girl holding a bag’ and we couldn’t agree more! To spice up the ad campaign, which features the newest fall designs, the designer instead created a visually dynamic collage, enriched with textured surfaces and models Mariacarla Boscono and Sarah Brannon.

Chanel’s new fall ad campaign

Lagerfeld also told WWD, 'I wanted to have another approach for the ad, and for Chanel’s image,'. 'I wanted to make collages. I love collages and I thought the collection was really suitable for collages. I wanted to do something else that we have never done before. It is not an artistic research. It is an inspiration without roots — spontaneous. And making collages with a computer was impossible before.'

Lagerfeld's fresh way to present the new collection has brought back the trend of making collages. In the past, prestigious labels such as Coach and Celine have used this technique to create a sense of nostalgia for the consumers, bringing them back to their childhood activities.

Now’s the perfect opportunity to bring out that scrap paper and those sparkly sequences that have been abandoned for years, to recreate Lagerfeld’s work.

Chanel’s new fall ad campaign