You too can get Emily Ratajkowski's swimsuit look

If you follow Emily Ratajkowski on Instagram you will know that she lives in her bikinis. In even better news though the gorgeous model has recently launched her own swimsuit label so that we can all get the same look this summer season.

Inamorata is the name of her label she has created and so far it includes six bathing suits. The pieces come in all sorts of eclectic prints like polka dot and leopard print. If prints aren’t your thing though you can opt for solid hues, with colours ranging from a rich terracotta red to a mustard yellow.

Finding inspiration in the bathers worn from the '70s, '80s through to the '90s, Emily conceptualised the label being able to be worn poolside and as lifestyle pieces, too.

The brunette model claims says she was looking through old Sports Illustrated magazines when she fell in love with a bathing suit embellished with a belt along the waist. To nail the midsection-whittling look she focused on adding touches of belts and bows to her pieces in order to achieve a more flattering look.

Her Inamorata collection was self funded and you can truly see her strong design skills come through. The collection is available now for you to shop via her website, Inamorata.

(Images: Inamorata)