Amy Fraser tells her story as an advocate for women in the 21st Century

The future is female! So Remix in partnership with Converse, set out to ask some of the countries powerful ladies making waves in their own right how they feel navigating ‘girldom’ in the 21st century. The goal was to showcase the progress of women as a collective force in today’s society. By championing the underdog and the ultimate antihero - the female - the Converse ‘Love The Progress’ collection works to celebrate women and redefine what GIRL really means.


Powerhouse businesswoman, Amy Fraser, is a strong advocate for the community and the progress of women. As the founder of OKREAL, she knows a thing or two about helping women find fulfilment in their lives. By starting a modern community of sisterhood that crosses continents and oceans, Amy uplifts women through authentic advice and connection.


“It’s really important to celebrate women who are good role models. I think traditionally in media we haven’t had the best role models… women haven’t always been particularly favoured. I think it’s incredibly important that we see strong, intelligent, powerful women so that we can then see those parts inside of ourselves.”


“By supporting one another and lifting one another up, we are stronger together. We can achieve what we are meant to achieve. We can do things, like be single mothers and run a business in a different continent. We can be as powerful as we are capable of being.”


Watch the video above for more on Amy’s story.



Women like Amy are redefining what it means to be a girl in today’s society. The ‘Love The Progress’ Collection by Converse was inspired and crafted through the power of love, unity and the community of women. The styles inspire the world to take a look at what progress really means, featuring an edgy and feminine design the graphic prints, written messages and meaningful colorways work to encourage amazing and strong women to support one another.


It will take many voices to change the narrative but you have to love the progress… #InMyConverse

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