NZFW Stolen Girlfriends Club

By Jessica Beresford. Stolen Girlfriends Club is one of the most anticipated shows of NZFW, held during party hours at a booze-fueled derelict space, playing host to hordes of cool kids and celebrities from the Auckland area and beyond. Crowds were kept waiting for the Winter 2013 collection 'Dead End' on day three of NZFW in an underground carpark just off Auckland’s Ponsonby Road where the show was held. An audience seated and standing along a runway stretching 100 metres were first asked to make like a rock concert and illuminate their modern day cigarette lighters (mobile phone screens) to give light to the runway. The models followed shortly after, with the girls dressed in drawstring pants, long and short-sleeved smocks and turtlenecks, and the guys in buttoned-up shirts, denim and leather jackets and belted pants. It wouldn’t be a Stolen Girlfriends Club collection without at least one signature print, which came in the form of a dark reptile-come-leopard pattern and a small colourful stamped print that no one seemed to be able to work out. As a label that has built itself on being edgy and grungy, the brains behind Stolen Girlfriends Club, Marc Moore and Dan Gosling, seem unstoppable in their ability to design anything to applause and retain their cult following.  
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