A day in the life of supermodel Taylor Hill

At 19 years of age, American bombshell Taylor Hill has ticked many things off an inspiring model's bucket list. We imagine it looks a little like this:

Become one of Victoria Secret's leading ladies? Check!
Feature on the cover of Vogue magazine? Check!
Walk in elite shows for Jimmy Choo, Versace and Valentino (to name a few!)? Check!

And now yet another incredible achievement to tick off; Topshop have just released that our number 1 girl is the face of the entire Autumn Winter 2016 global campaign.

What this means is that Topshop and Taylor have teamed up not only for campaign images, but also for an exclusive video of the model's life and a raw interview where Taylor reveals all. Thank-you, Topshop!

Have a read of the brand's interview with Taylor below and then check out her cute 'day in the life' video: 

What was it like growing up in Colorado? 
It was cold! But fun. I have a lot of siblings and they’re all my best friends. We would go snowboarding, hiking and sledding on snow days and just hang out. we lived in the middle of nowhere and the closest city was Denver, 30 minutes away, and even that to me isn’t a real city. Coming here to New York was such a shock. I was like, where’s the sky? It was crazy.

What did you love at school? 
I really loved reading and writing. At 13 I read a million words in a year which I'm pretty proud of. In school we had to take reading tests on the computer, I think they were called Accelerated Reader, it’s logged into a system where it tells you how many words is in a book and I read all of the books for that programme, took the tests. I was actually really bad in school but I was really good at reading.So I read them, did the test and read a million words! I’m a sci-fi nerd so I read the Harry Potter books, this series called Aragon which is about dragons. Harry Potter and dragons basically sums up my childhood.

How are you going to celebrate your upcoming 21st? 
I’m probably going to go to Vegas! Or Disneyworld! Maybe I’ll do both? I can't legally drink in America–I’ve been in this industry for a long time and constantly around it but can never drink it so it would be fun to be like, I’m here! I would invite all my friends, all the VS girls, my sisters, my family.
Who would be your ideal or dream guest?
Beyoncé! If she would come to my birthday I would be very happy. I’m going to invite her, let’s seewhat happens! Send her agent an email, "hey I’m a huge fan of Beyoncé and it’s going to be my 21st birthday- do you think she’d like to come?"
How would you describe your style?
Today I’m wearing sweatpants because I’m going to the airport but usually I’m very casual say jeans, t-shirt and maybe a sweatshirt. I like to be comfortable at work and if I have a long day. I want to be in flats or tennis shoes. That’s how I’m always thinking!
What is your first Topshop memory?
My first memory was when I did my first New York (fashion week) season and my agent took me into Topshop and bought me black skinny jeans, a white tank top and heels. Everything! I didn’t even know what Topshop was at that point because you were so new to the states. And from then I loved it!
What do you go there for?
It’s fun because you never know what’s in there. It’s fun to just go in and explore and see what you can find. Everything is so trendy and relevant fashion-wise and it’s all new. They never have the same stuff in there all the time so when you go in its so fun because you know you have to get it at the moment because you know it won’t be there for very long! It’s the in-between of low-end and high-end. You feel so comfortable shopping in there too because you’re never spending a fortune
getting what you want.
How does it feel to be the campaign girl?
It feels really cool. I never thought I would ever do campaigns! Especially not Topshop. I would always see the big girls doing it and I would never think I’d do it. And here I am!