Woman Crush Wednesday: Hadlow Sisters

Get ready, you're about to be introduced to five new girl crushes and your next go-to foodie blog. If you’re not already familiar with the beautiful gals that are the Hadlow Sisters, let us help familiarise you. 

The Hadlow sisters are five Kiwi girls who share their passion about gastronomic and lifestyle experiences via their blog What’s Yummy while creating a fashion extravaganza on their combined Instagram page @hadlowgirls. You'll spot the fashion-forward five at all the who's-who events around Auckland, and travelling across the globe, visiting the likes of New York, LA, and Sydney on the reg. 

The Hadlow sisters are this week’s Woman Crush Wednesday…

1. Charlotte
Charlotte is the eldest Hadlow sister. The 28-year-old is a smart cookie - she’s a qualified lawyer and is currently working with a property group across the ditch in Sydney. She regularly posts foodie inspo on 'What's Yummy' alongside her sisters, but tends to leave all the cooking to them. Charlotte is well-traveled, often posting LA tips on blog. Follow the jet-setting beauty here: @char_royal.


?? ? Only missing one! ? @claudiahadlow #sistersister #hadlowgirls #laurastwentiethbday #birthdayweek

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2. Victoria
26-year-old Victoria is also a qualified lawyer but works rather in the corporate world. She's the cake maker in the family - boasting that her cake skills have meant her sisters always scored epic birthday cakes - which have included flowers, Hello Kitty themes, ice-cream sundaes and jandals. Follow the fashionable foodie here: @torzee_.


Touristing ?? had to be done...

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3. Rachel
Middle child of the Hadlow fam, Rachel spends her days working for a global business in marketing but the 24-year-old spends her downtime taking French lessons and barre classes. Follow the cultured beauty's journey here: @rachelhadlow.

4. Claudia
Claudia slots is the fourth sister in the squad, and is currently studying across the ditch. She's one clever cookie, too, the 23-year-old is currently in her second year of med school. Claudia aims to limit refined sugar in her diet and is a vegetarian so likes to make versatile healthy treats including vegan chocolate and caramel slice - yum! Follow the gorgeous health nut here: @claudiahadlow.


East Coast roadie!! GOLD COAST #BRIS➡️SYD ✌?️? Claudia X

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5. Laura
At just 20 years old, Laura is the youngest Hadlow sissy and is currently studying at AUT University. Ever the fashionista, Laura lends her creative eye to her own fashion blog, laurarozana.com. Follow the stunning fashionista here: @laurahadlow.


A little acai to start the night ? @laurahadlow #HadlowGirlsCoachella

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