Wine and dine under 1,000 cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms have long been a beautiful symbol and flower in Japanese culture. In Japan, cherry blossoms are known as sakura and are an integral part of their culture as they take on the meaning of renewal of life and death. In the springtime, the streets of Japan come to life with the scattered petals of the cherry blossom trees and it feels as Spring has its very own snowfall.

If you have not yet ventured the streets of Japan and want to experience the beauty of the Japanese cherry blossoms then look no further than the Japanese restaurant Zuma in New York City. 

Zuma collaborated with Blush Flowers to bring 1,000 cherry blossoms to the roof of their top floor restaurant in New York City and it looks absolutely stunning! Wine and dine under the blossoms and let them transport your imagination to the paved roads of Osaka (one can only dream).

They have similar floral installations in their London and Hong Kong restaurants. In an effort to further fuel the cherry blossom craze, Zuma also created seasonal cocktails incorporating floral extracts and pink hues to match the flowers. Pink drinks, satiable Japanese cuisine and stunning overhead floral arrangements – what more could you want for an evening out?

If you’re planning a trip to New York they have the blossoms up until the end of June, check out their website, here.


Image credits to The Upcoming ONN